Can you even fathom the extent a person will go to in order to save another person’s life at the expense of their own? Bob Nill exemplified the kind of man who is generous, warm-hearted, and loving.
The now eighty-eight-year-old individual’s previous occupations include working in banking and serving in the Coast Guard. When he retired five years ago, he wanted to keep himself active so he applied for a job “as a crossing guard at Christ the King Parish School” in Kansas City, Kansas. He has held this position ever since.

All of the pupils, who collectively referred to him as Mr. Bob.

The tragic passing of this wonderfully devoted man came about as a result of his heroic efforts to protect two children from being run over by a speeding black vehicle. According to eyewitnesses at the incident, he tried to protect the children by moving out of the line of the car, but he ended up getting hit by the vehicle himself.

According to Cathy Fithlan, who is the principal of the school, “He stopped [two kids], and they listened, thank God, but then he, of course, was the victim.”

Bob is universally acknowledged to be a remarkable individual. Randy, his nephew, notes that the family wasn’t shocked by Bob’s behavior because he always cared for everyone in the family and the community.

“What my Uncle Bob did to simply get tiny kids across the street seemed maybe insignificant to some people, but for him, it was a really important job, and today, we really know how important it was.” “What my Uncle Bob did for just getting little kids across the street seemed perhaps trivial to some people. Perhaps he was able to rescue some lives.”

“I think he felt like he could help children and help himself feel good about what he was doing,” added Randy. “This was something I think he felt like he could help.”

In a statement that was distributed, the institution paid tribute to Bob, noting that he had a heroic passing.

Please allow us to fill you in on the latest information on our crossing guard, Mr. Nill. As we break the news to you of his passing, our hearts are heavy. “Please continue to keep Mr. Nill and his family in your thoughts, as well as the children, parents, and instructors who were there during today’s event”. In addition, we ask that you remember to pray for those who observed the incident.

“You should also be aware that Mr. Nill is a brave man. When the automobile was getting closer, he prevented two of our students from crossing the street.