Once upon a time, Emily and Jeff, a newlywed couple, lived in a charming small neighborhood. Their relationship emanated a lovely smell like a flower in bloom. However, Jeff’s mother Evelyn, in particular, raised an eyebrow at their unusual method of expressing their love.

One lovely afternoon, the sound of the birds singing outside their pleasant home was broken by a tap at the door. Emily was startled and quickly hid herself under a nearby blanket before running to the door. She was shocked to learn that Evelyn, her mother-in-law, had chosen to drop by unexpectedly.

Evelyn entered the house without waiting for an invitation because she doesn’t believe in formalities. Her eyes widened as she noticed Emily naked as she lay on the couch.

The question “What are you doing?” Evelyn exhaled, a mixture of disbelief and disdain in her voice.

Emily gave her mother-in-law a loving smile while maintaining her composure. She said nonchalantly, “I’m just waiting for Jeff to get home from work.

But you’re not dressed. Evelyn exclaimed, her shock visible in her voice.

This is my love outfit, Emily said with a calm assurance. Wearing this outfit makes me joyful, and Jeff likes it when I do.

Evelyn struggled to make sense of this unexpected information as her mind raced. As she was making her way back home, she kept seeing Emily wearing what she called her “love dress.” By the time she got home, she had an idea in mind after reflecting on this novel way of showing love.

Evelyn made the decision to take a risk in order to maintain the passion in her own marriage. She took off her clothes, had a shower, and sprayed her favorite scent on. She gracefully positioned herself over the couch and eagerly awaited her husband’s return.

Evelyn’s husband entered the house as the sun began to set and the interior was illuminated by a gentle, cozy glow. He blinked in shock as his wife caught his attention in her suggestive position.

With a mix of humor and interest in his voice, he inquired, “What are you doing?”

Evelyn mirrored Emily’s earlier confidence with a sultry smile. “This is my love dress,” she sighed.

Even though it was unexpected, her husband’s remark contained some of his signature humor. He said nonchalantly, his eyes flashing with malice, “Needs ironing. Who asked, “What’s for dinner?”