Once upon a time, a husband and wife were set to commemorate a significant milestone — their 40th wedding anniversary — in a charming little home situated on the cusp of their golden years. They had been in love for as long as they could remember, and the years had raced by like a whirlwind romance.

The husband chose to surprise his wife with a special gift as the special day drew near because he was aware of her love of antiques. He searched countless antique stores until he found a stunning vintage brass oil lamp that he believed would win her heart.

He gave her the beautifully wrapped lamp as they exchanged sincere smiles on the anniversary morning. With caution, she carefully unwrapped it as her curious eyes glistened. But as the last sheet of paper came off, something truly miraculous took place. A wisp of a figure emerged from the lamp as a spiraling, concentrated cloud of mystic smoke that later solidified as a full-grown genie.

The pair watched in awe as the genie stretched his limbs and yawned loudly. Ah, thank you, sirs and madam, very much! The genie responded, stretching his limbs and shaking off decades of confinement, “You’ve released me from that stuffy old lamp.

The genie decided to grant everyone of them one wish out of gratitude for their generosity.

Without thinking, the lady put her hands together and wished for the trip of a lifetime: “I wish for an all-expenses-paid, first-class, around-the-world cruise with my beloved husband.”

They witnessed a stunning metamorphosis take place in front of them. Tickets for a spectacular voyage around the world, reservations for opulent cabins, extravagant side visits to far-off places, dinner reservations at five-star restaurants, and even an unlimited shopping allowance all materialized in her hands. Their fantasy journey had become a reality.

The couple gave one other a tight hug and kiss as their hearts were overflowing with happiness.

The husband’s time then came. I wish I had a female friend who is 30 years younger, he murmured, looking at his wife with mischievous eyes.


The hubby changed right away. As the years passed, he noticed a strange sensation and turned to face the mirror. He was shocked to learn that he had reached age 93.

Holding her sides while laughing, his wife erupted. Well, honey, I hope you’re prepared for some major senior experiences on that cruise, she remarked with a chuckle.

The couple so learned as they began their extraordinary voyage around the world that sometimes the best adventure of all is simply getting older together and appreciating the humor that life has to offer. Love and laughter are the true blessings of a life well-lived, regardless of age.