An elderly couple was lying comfortably under the covers in a nice bedroom when the early light peaked through the curtains. They had just awoken after a sound night’s sleep, a luxury in their advanced years. With his age-silvering hair, the husband stretched out and tenderly grabbed his wife’s frail hand in his own.

His lips began to grin as he said, “Good morning, my love.”

Do not touch me, his wife retorted as she turned to face him with her eyes still groggy from sleep.

The husband’s remarks startled him, and he removed his hand a little bit, his face etched with uncertainty. He asked, his voice tinged with worry, “Why not?”

Her wrinkly face was serious as she fully turned to face him. Why? “Because I’m dead.”

He looked up in shock and gave a blink. “What are you discussing? Speaking to each other while both of us are in bed together.

She said, “No, I’m definitely de*d,” with a slender smile.

The spouse became more perplexed. He had no idea why his wife, who was still very much alive, would say something like that. He said, his voice a mixture of fury and amazement, “You’re not dead.” What on earth gives you the idea that you’re de*d?

She said her punchline, “Because I woke up this morning, and nothing hurts,” with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

The spouse sat in startled silence for a while. A chuckle then emerged from deep within him. The sound of his uncontrollable laughter filled the space with coziness and love. His wife followed in, and the two of them laughed together in unison.

They came to the realization that although time had taken its toll on their bodies, their love was still as strong as ever as they slept in their cozy bed. What made their relationship so strong and enduring were the tiny inside jokes and lighthearted times.

The husband leaned in and gave his wife a gentle forehead kiss as their laughter died down. You might not be dead, my love, but you sure know how to make me feel that way, he remarked.

Following that, they welcomed the new day while cherishing the love that had seen them through a lifetime of highs and lows. They did so with the understanding that each morning they woke up together was a gift to be cherished.