Thieves who break into vehicles are continuously developing new and imaginative methods to take your belongings once they have gained entry. It’s possible that you’ve heard rumors about someone using technical equipment to break into people’s cars. However, there are some thieves who use a method that is not as complicated.
Despite all odds, a penny or a nickel was utilized in one of the recent round of robberies. How exactly are they going to get into your car if all they have is a coin? The thief will place a nickel or a cent in the door handle of the passenger side of your vehicle whenever it is parked, regardless of whether it is in your driveway or in a store parking lot. Why is this being done?
They follow you everywhere you go and are always by your side. Due to the fact that the passenger car door is jammed, attempting to use your key for the central locking won’t be successful. If they have the necessary abilities, they will be able to break into your car and steal anything they want, including the car itself if they are successful.

Therefore, before getting into your vehicle, you should check to see if there are any pennies stuck in the handle of the passenger door. This tactic has also been employed by thieves in an attempt to steal your automobile from you. Checking the back seat or calling the police are both good options to take if you want to rule out the potential that the thief has gained access to your trunk.err on the side of caution rather than regret!

Additional information on how to prevent being the victim of a car robbery can be found in the movie that can be found below. In the film, you will learn how thieves are using the “slider” technique to steal your stuff while you are pumping gas at a gas station. This horrific act of stealing can be avoided with the help of the precautionary measures that are provided to you. The phrase “knowledge is power”