On a balmy summer evening, young Ethan was getting ready for his first date with Lily. He was anxious as well as thrilled. He turned to his wise and experienced father for assistance on how to handle the nuances of conversation on their outing.

With a wry smirk, his father imparted his knowledge. In a comforting tone, he said, “My son, there are three subjects that always work.” “These three are: food, family, and philosophy.”

Ethan took this advise to heart and showed up at Lily’s door dressed to the nines. They exchanged shy smiles and went to a charming soda fountain in the middle of their small town together.

They were seated across from one another, ice cream sodas in front of them, and they kept looking at one other. Time appeared to slow down as Ethan’s anxiety increased. During this awkward pause, he thought back to his father’s wise advice.

Ethan mustered the bravery to take the conversation’s initial topic. He tried to appear casual and inquired, “Do you like spinach.”

When Lily was unexpectedly asked a question, she blinked in shock and then answered, “No.” Ethan’s heart sunk as the hush fell once more.

Uncomfortably, the minutes passed. In an effort to start a conversation, Ethan thought back to his father’s second recommendation. Do you have a brother? he inquired as he leaned slightly forward.

Lily paused for a second before responding, “No,” her eyes looking for a common ground in the topic. However, thick and unpleasant stillness enveloped them once more.

Ethan was determined to make a deep connection on this date or else he would regret it. He remembered his father’s suggestion to bring up philosophy when he turned to his last alternative. After gathering his thoughts, he made the decision to take an unusual approach.

Would your brother like spinach, he inquired to Lily.

The query caught Lily off guard. She was taken aback by its unexpectedness. She smiled at Ethan’s perseverance and inventiveness in trying to continue the conversation, though.

Well, I think that would depend on whether or not he likes veggies, she replied, chuckling softly. Why do you enquire in such an inquisitive manner?

Ethan smiled, happy to have succeeded in breaking the ice. The three topics of food, family, and philosophy are universally engaging in conversation, according to my father. I was merely attempting to cover all of our bases.

Their date immediately got more carefree and delightful as their laughter filled the air. Ethan and Lily struck up a conversation about a variety of subjects and eventually felt a genuine connection, demonstrating that sometimes even the most unusual queries may spark deep dialogue and long-lasting connections.