Marriage, particularly in later years, is compared to a quality wine in that it improves with age. When two people have a lifetime of memories together, love can occasionally show up in humorous and unexpected ways. This was the situation with an elderly couple who got caught up in a strange game of “fart football.”

The elderly couple tucked themselves into bed in their lovely bedroom, which was lit by a bedside lamp. They were encircled in the comforting embrace of their steadfast love on this ordinary evening.

But as the evening progressed, a surprising competition emerged. The elderly man chose to begin the game since he was never one to pass up an opportunity for mischief. He laughed and farted loudly before yelling, “Seven Points.”

The abrupt commotion surprised his wife, who rolled over and peered at him in the faint light. Half amused, half puzzled, she asked, “What in the world was that?”

It’s fart football, sweetheart, the old man retorted with a sly twinkle in his eye.

This announcement signaled the start of an unplanned contest. After a few seconds, the wife responded with a perfectly timed release and said, “Touchdown, tie score.”

Each player continued to try to outdo the other in the game by being the most effusive. The elderly man, desperate to defeat his wife, unleashed another powerful blast while announcing, “Aha. I am winning 14 to 7.

The wife, though, was not one to give in quickly. She called upon her inner victor and roared back with a tremendous release of her own, joyfully declaring, “Touchdown, tie score.”

As the seconds passed, they continued to trade increasingly more “points” in their peculiar game as the competition continued. With a clever “field goal,” the wife took the lead and made it 17 to 14 in her favor.

The old guy was now under strain. He was anxious to show that his competitive spirit had not been diminished by age. He struggled and pushed with everything he had with pure desire. However, he unintentionally crossed a line in his ardent attempts that he had not planned to.

The game then took a sudden, unexpected turn. The wife, who was a little bewildered, was unable to ignore what had just occurred. “What in the world was that?” she asked as she turned to face him.

The elderly man, who was quick to respond even in uncomfortable situations, was able to diffuse the issue amicably. Half time, dear,” he responded with a sheepish grin. It’s time to change allegiances.

The old couple connected at that very moment through their shared experiences throughout a lifetime, as they laughed and reacted to the unanticipated turn of events. They understood that even the most unexpected events will add color and humor to their lasting relationship in the magnificent tapestry of their love story. For them, marriage wasn’t simply a young people’s game; it was a journey marked by joy, love, and an awareness of the unique characteristics that made their union so unique.