The young bride couldn’t wait to visit her mother Elaine, who lived a couple of hours away, as soon as the newlyweds, Sarah and Andy, got back from their honeymoon in a gorgeous coastal town. A dream come true, their honeymoon had been full of beautiful sunsets, lengthy beach walks, and priceless experiences.

After a few rings, Sarah was able to hear Elaine’s friendly voice when she called her mother’s number. Her mother said with an eager tone, “How did everything go?”

The honeymoon was fantastic, mother,” Sarah said, her voice filled with enthusiasm. We had a great time, it was very romantic. The memories we created are enduring.

Elaine was overjoyed for her daughter, and her heart soared. “Oh, honey, I’m so happy to hear that. I anticipated a wonderful time between you two.

But then Sarah’s tone changed to one of melancholy. But, mama, something unusual happened on the way back. Andy started using some very offensive words. I had never heard of it before. dreadful four-letter words.

Elaine became more worried. Words with four letters? What do you mean, sweetheart?

Sarah spoke with a trembling voice. Please, Mother, come and fetch me so I may go home. She started crying over the phone.

Elaine made an effort to soothe her child. What four-letter words did he use, honey? You must let me know.

Mother, I can’t tell you,” Sarah responded, her tears now running freely. They’re too terrible! Just come fetch me, please.

Elaine’s mother instincts awoke, and she realized she had to find out what was going on. “Dear, you must explain to me what has made you so sad… Inform mother of the four-letter terms he employed.

Sarah finally managed to say, “Mom, words like dust, wash, iron, cook,” while still sobbing.

On the phone, there was a little pause while Elaine considered what her daughter had said. Then, as she laughed, she exclaimed, “Oh, honey, they aren’t at all horrible words! These are merely routine tasks. See, now that you’ve returned from your honeymoon, your husband is finding that life isn’t always a romantic trip. He’s probably never had to do things before.

Sarah recognized what had been going on, and relief swept over her. “Mom, you’re correct. Maybe I responded too strongly. Andy is a great husband; I only need to give him some pointers on housework.

Elaine grinned. “That’s the idea, sweetheart. Every marriage experiences ups and downs, but as long as you talk to each other and cooperate, everything will be great.

After learning the value of communication and the necessity of appreciating one another’s viewpoints, Sarah and Andy’s marriage went on to succeed. They cherished the memory of their adventurous honeymoon and the devoted support of Sarah’s mother, who always knew how to put things in perspective. They joked about the “four-letter words” episode for years to come.