Despite having a 37-year age difference, a 61-year-old grandma and her 24-year-old husband intend to conceive their first child together.

Quran McCain and Cheryl McGregor first spoke in 2012, when Quran was only 15 and Cheryl was employed by Dairy Queen. After reuniting online in 2020, they only then began dating.

After being married in September 2021, the pair is currently searching for a surrogate mother to carry their child.

We believe that we merit having kids of our own, Cheryl stated. We are both prepared for this, even though other people might find it crazy.

Despite the fact that he will be much younger than his child’s grandparents, Quran stated he is looking forward to becoming a father.

I’m aware that it won’t be simple, he acknowledged. I’m up for the task, though.

Reactions to the couple’s decision to become parents have been conflicted. While some individuals have praised them, others have ridiculed their age difference.

Cheryl declared, “We don’t care what other people think. “We’re just happy to be here together and start a family.”

By the end of the year, the couple hopes to give birth to their child. To aid with the cost of surrogacy, they have put up a GoFundMe campaign.

Cheryl stated, “We appreciate any assistance we can get. “We just want to make the baby we’ve always wanted a reality.”

The tale of the pair serves as a reminder that romance may blossom at any age. It also demonstrates the strength of willpower. Despite having an age difference, Cheryl and Quran are determined to start a family.