After the wedding reception, Hailey was a little tipsy. She was beginning to feel a little dizzy after dancing and drinking all night. The wedding cake was on the dessert table as she walked over there. They must have forgotten to serve this, Hailey reasoned to herself as she noticed the top tier was still unattended.

Hailey acted without hesitation. She took out a knife and began cutting into the cake. She started to eat after taking a sizable bite.

Hailey recognized her error after some time had passed. Traditionally, the bridal couple saves the top tier of the cake for their first anniversary. It is a representation of luck and wealth.

Hailey felt terrible. She hurried over to the couple and apologized fervently. The bride and groom were sympathetic, but they also had a hint of amusement. They assured Hailey that everything would be OK and that another cake would simply be ordered.

That day, Hailey learnt a valuable lesson. Before slicing into a wedding cake again, she always remembered to ask.

On TikTok the following day, Hailey uploaded a video of herself slicing into the cake. When the video went viral, Hailey received a ton of comments. Although she received some criticism, most people were sympathetic. They explained to Hailey that she was only being human and that mistakes are inevitable.

The tale of Hailey serves as a warning to always exercise caution at weddings. People are often unaware of several traditions and conventions, making mistakes simple. It is always preferable to ask if you have any questions.