Although Whoopi Goldberg has always been outspoken about her sexuality, she recently made some surprising revelations about her personal life that are getting a lot of attention.

Goldberg claimed that her sexuality is “fluid” in an interview with The View. She stated that she has found both men and women to be attractive and that she does not feel the need to categorize herself.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Goldberg declared. I’m not bisexual. I’m not heterosexual. I am merely a person.

The response to Goldberg’s admission has been overwhelmingly positive. She is being praised for her candor and for serving as an inspiration to those who are having sexual identity issues.

One user tweeted, “I love Whoopi Goldberg so much.” “It’s so refreshing to see her because she has always been so open and honest about who she is.”

Another user tweeted, “This is really essential. Whoopi Goldberg is an inspiration to a lot of people, and her words have great meaning.

The disclosure made by Goldberg serves as a reminder that there is no one proper way to be; sexuality is a continuum. It serves as a reminder of the value of staying true to oneself at all times.

Many others have been motivated by Goldberg’s statements, and they have assisted in lessening some of the stigma associated with sexuality. She is a role model for many people, and everyone values her honesty.