This week, a humorous story that will make you laugh is going viral. Mike and Karen, a soon-to-wed couple, were excited to leave on their honeymoon adventure at the beginning of it all. But little did they know that before they got married, Mike’s father had a cheeky piece of wisdom to provide.

An experienced husband, Mike’s father sat his son down for a serious discussion. Let me tell you something, Mike, he added as he leaned in. I took off my trousers on the night of my wedding and gave them to your mother to try on in our honeymoon suite.

Mike arched an eyebrow in interest at this strange bit of counsel. “And then what happened?” he questioned.

His father laughed as he recalled that special evening. She did as I requested and tried them on, he continued. But I can’t wear them; they are too huge, she complained.

Mike leaned closer in anticipation of the punchline. “So, Dad, what did you say?”

I replied, “Exactly,” his father said with a smile. I will always be the one to wear the trousers in this household. Since that evening, we have never encountered any issues.

Mike took a moment to consider this advise. On their honeymoon, he made the decision to try it himself. After all, his parents appeared to have benefited greatly from it. So, on their first night together as husband and wife, Mike proudly handed Karen his trousers and said, “Here, try these on.”

Karen, who is always a good sport, agreed to the joke and entered Mike’s pants. These are too big, she chuckled and replied. I can’t wear them.

Mike reiterated his father’s sentiments and added, “Exactly. In this family, I always had worn the trousers. I want you to have that in mind forever.

But Karen, who was quick-witted and unpredictable, didn’t give in easily. With a sly glitter in her eye, she instantly slipped down her own trousers and handed them to Mike. She grinned slyly and added, “Here — you try on mine.”

In an effort to amuse her, Mike attempted to button up his own trousers while squeezing into Karen’s. He finally conceded defeat, saying, “I can’t get into your trousers.”

Without pausing, Karen responded, “Exactly. And you’ll never change your arrogant attitude if you don’t.”

And there you have it—a legendary honeymoon tale! Mike immediately realised that in their marriage, maintaining the laughter was more important than who wore the trousers. After all, the finest basis for a happy marriage is a sense of humour. LOL! How ideal is that!?