One bright morning in a small classroom, Mrs. Thompson made the choice to ask her eager children a thought-provoking question that would inspire them to consider their goals and dreams. “My dear children, what do you want out of life?” she leaned in and questioned her class.

A young child named Lily proudly raised her hand in the back row. “Yes, Lily, what do you want out of life?” Mrs. Thompson asked with a nod.

Lily said, “All I want in life is four little animals, just like my Mom always says,” with unyielding determination.

Mrs. Thompson came in closer, her curiosity peaked, and inquired, “Really? And what four small animals, Lily, are those?

Lily said with a smile, “A mink on my back, a jaguar in the garage, a tiger in the bed, and a jackass to pay for all of it.”

Even as Mrs. Thompson struggled to control her laughing, she couldn’t help it. The other kids joined her in laughing as hers resounded throughout the classroom. She needed to leave the room to gather her thoughts.

Everyone in the class was really startled and amused by Lily’s response. It was a sweet reminder that kids have a special perspective on life and frequently see things in a refreshingly straightforward and hilarious way.

As a result, Lily’s dream of the four tiny creatures became well-known in that tiny classroom. It served as a gentle reminder to everyone that the pure, unadulterated words of a child can often contain the deepest insight. The class carried on with a renewed sense of excitement and mirth, appreciating Lily’s beautiful outlook on life, as Mrs. Thompson entered the room, her laughter resonating in her heart.