A redhead, a brunette, and a cheerful blonde were three buddies who were situated on barstools in a busy downtown bar. They enjoyed their evening at the little venue while chatting, laughing, and drinking.

The bartender, a cheeky man named Mike, came over to them as they were sipping their drinks and presented them with an intriguing offer. He grinned slyly and added, “Ladies, I’ve got a task for you. There is an odd mirror in the bathroom. If you look into it and say anything about your life that you know to be real and true for you, “POOF,” a hundred dollars will appear. But if you lie, well, ‘POOF,’ you vanish.

Always self-assured, the redhead made the decision to try it out first. She entered the restroom and stood in front of the mirror, staring intently into her own eyes. She said, “I think I am the most beautiful woman in the world,” with a brilliant smile. A crisp $100 cash appeared before her eyes almost immediately, as if by magic.

Inspired, the brunette did as she was told. I believe I am the smartest woman in the world, she stated as she entered the bathroom and turned to face the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes when, as previously, a hundred dollar bill materialized out of nowhere.

The blonde was now in the spotlight. She paused for a brief period of time, her curiosity mixed with a trace of apprehension. She entered the restroom slowly, her hands concealing her eyes to some extent. She waited, peering at the mirror between her fingers, almost expecting something mystical or weird to occur. But it didn’t.

She mustered the bravery to stand in front of the mirror and start saying, “I think…” after being relieved that nothing had gone wrong. She began to speak, but before she could continue, she exclaimed, “POOF!” and vanished into thin air, shocking her friends.

The redhead and the brunette hurried into the restroom to look for their missing companion, but she was not there. The weird mirror was the only thing left.

From that moment on, the narrative of the blonde who vanished at the bar—a tale of a quirky bartender and a mirror that could either grant wishes or take them away with the utterance of a single word—became a legend in the community. The brunette and redhead were unable to describe what had happened, but they were aware that their blonde buddy had left behind an epic tale that would live on for countless years.