Three men made the bold decision to start a marriage at one point in time in a cute tiny village. They were all expecting something different, and they were all in for a shock.

The first man, let’s call him George, wed Maria, a beautiful Greek woman. He gave Maria instructions on her responsibilities in the home because he was a practical man. George said, “You’ll be in charge of doing the dishes and keeping this home spotless.

Maria, a hardworking and tenacious young woman, paid attention to her husband’s directions. After just a few days, George came home to an immaculately clean house with the dishes neatly washed and put away. He was so thrilled that he said, “I’ve hit the jackpot!”

John, the second man, had slightly more adventurous interests. He got married to Amina, a Thai woman. “Darling, you are not only responsible for cleaning but also for cooking delicious Thai meals every day!” commanded John.

Amina happily accepted the challenge since she wanted to win over her new spouse. John didn’t notice any notable changes on the first day. However, the house appeared cleaner the following day, and the scent of Thai spices permeated the air. On the third day, he arrived home to find a spotless house, shining dishes, and a sumptuous Thai feast spread out on the dining table. John was overjoyed and couldn’t believe his good fortune!

Let’s now introduce Barry, the third person. Barry, a bit of an oddity, picked a bride from the bustling London neighborhood of Hackney. He called his new wife and gave her a long list of tasks to complete. Barry had high expectations: “Keep the house immaculate, the dishes done, the lawn mowed, the laundry always fresh, and serve me piping hot meals every single day.”

Barry noticed no change after the first day had passed. Nothing changed on the second day. The swelling on his face had decreased somewhat by the third day, he could squint out of his left eye, and his arm had sufficiently recovered to allow him to prepare himself a sandwich and load the dishwasher.

When Barry went to the bathroom, he was still a little uncomfortable, but he couldn’t help but smile at the circumstance. He came to the conclusion that his Hackney wife’s unconventional attitude to household duties might perhaps have therapeutic value.

George, John, and Barry learnt that love and life frequently come with unpleasant surprises from this story of three marriages. After all, what matters most in a marriage are the unexpected delights and lessons it offers, even if they do so with a little swelling and a dash of humor. It doesn’t matter where your partner comes from or what you expect them to do.