A humorous incident at a wedding sparked a contentious discussion on social media about whether kids should be invited to such events. The Fox Twins’ (@thefoxsaystwins) popular TikTok video, in which a little child impromptu uses a bride’s wedding robe as a napkin, served as the discussion’s impetus.

The tiny 5-second video shows the young child go up to the bride and carelessly wiping her face on the immaculate white garment. The bride can be seen laughing as the child’s antics unfold, amused by the unexpected encounter.

Do not propose giving ketchup with the kiddie dinner consisting of chicken nuggets and fries…or just don’t invite kids, the video’s content may be inappropriate for them. caption read. The video quickly gained popularity, amassing 1.6 million views and igniting a heated discussion about whether or not to invite kids to weddings in the comments section.

One responder said, “No kids at my wedding.”

A other commenter voiced concern over the parent of the child’s lack of corrective action, saying, “I think it’s more that mom didn’t correct the behavior really, and personally I won’t have kids at my wedding for this reason people think kids being.”

Another poster agreed, saying, “Kids do understand right from wrong; this is definitely on the parents.” A third commenter agreed.

Some, on the other hand, defended the bride’s behavior since they couldn’t understand the controversy. Why are you two losing it when the wife is laughing? One person wrote.

An additional person said, “Guys, the bride is chill. Do not undermine the enthusiasm in the comments.

The discussion highlights the complexity of the issue of whether or not to invite children to weddings. While some contend that weddings should only be attended by adults in order to maintain decorum and prevent potential disruptions, others view incidents like the one in the viral video as priceless examples of how spontaneous youngsters can be.

The decision to include children to weddings is ultimately a personal one, as each couple decides the mood and experience they want for their special day. The bride’s laughing in the TikTok video indicates that, at least for her, this unexpected encounter became a lovely part of her wedding day.