A massive 16-foot python unexpectedly paid a family in Queensland, Australia, a visit and made a stunning journey across their rooftop, giving them a spine-tingling encounter with nature.

The startling episode was caught on camera, revealing the enormous serpent’s delicate motions as it moved from the residence’s pinnacle to a nearby tree. The family’s awe and fear as they witnessed the amazing show unfold was also captured on camera.

A young child’s voice can be heard asking, “How will we get him away?” in the video. We won’t, a woman responds with a mix of surprise and caution. Another family member adds, “Oh my God,” which captures the shock felt by everyone present at the time of the close encounter.

The carpet python, sometimes known as the python, is well known for normally growing to be about 13 feet (4 meters) long. Because of this, this specific specimen is noticeably bigger than usual. Despite being non-venomous, carpet pythons are constrictors that are known to feed on small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Although carpet pythons typically do not threaten people, they may turn aggressive if they feel threatened. Therefore, when coming across such large reptiles in residential locations, experts strongly advise calling professional snake removal services.

In this case, a qualified snake catcher was called to remove the python from the property securely. Undoubtedly relieved, the family observed as the serpent was transported to a more suitable environment. But it was understandable that the incident had left them rattled.

This extraordinary experience serves as a poignant reminder that metropolitan areas are not immune to intimate encounters with serpentine dwellers, even in Australia, which is known for its rich and oftentimes hazardous wildlife. When live in areas where snakes are common, awareness and caution are essential.

In the event that a snake ever enters your home, experts advise against attempting to manage it on your own. Instead, the best course of action is to immediately get in touch with a reputable snake removal service to make sure both you and the snake are safe.