Billy, the son, was a young man who was always falling in love. Every female he fell in love with was also his sister, which was a dilemma.

Everything began when he met Tina when he was 16 years old. Billy and she clicked immediately away, and he was certain she was the one. But then, let’s contact his father John, who took him aside and revealed a family secret.

John said, “Tina is your sister.” “Before I met your mother, I had an affair with her mother.”

Billy was stunned and devastated. He found it hard to accept that the woman he loved was really his sister. But he pledged to John that he would keep his mother in the dark.

Billy later met Peny, another female, a few months later. Billy was certain that she was the one since she was even sexier than Tina. But as soon as he recalled what his father had said, he realised that he also couldn’t date her.

This continued for some time. Billy kept having romantic relationships with women only to discover that they were all his sisters. He was becoming quite irritated.

Billy finally lost his patience one day. He went and told his mum everything.

His mother answered, “I know. “I’ve known it all along.”

Billy was taken aback. He questioned, “How did you know?”

“Because I’m not your real mother,” his mother explained. “John is not your real father; your real father is John,”

Billy became even more perplexed. He questioned, “What do you mean?”

His mother said, “I mean, I’m not your biological mother.” However, I am the only mother you have ever had, and I adore you dearly.

Billy sighed in relief. That his mother wasn’t truly his sister made him happy. And he was happy that he could now date whoever he desired.

Billy continued to date other women until discovering the one she was supposed to be with. They got hitched and started a family. Billy never forgot the advice he received that day: always put your mother’s word in advance.