One nice Monday morning, John had just settled into his workplace cubicle. He made the decision to start the week by reading his emails as he sipped his lukewarm coffee. There was an unexpected message from his neighbour Sarah mixed in among the regular mountain of work-related texts.

He opened the email out of curiosity and saw the message, “Do you have any pictures of your cat, Whiskers?”

John laughed at the idea of showing his neighbour pictures of his cute pet, puzzled but not wholly astonished. Of course, I have many of photos of Whiskers, he retorted. Would you like some sent to you?

Another email from Sarah soon showed up in his inbox. This time, John anticipated receiving an apology or even some amusing cat memes. But all it said was, “Want to set up a playdate for our cats?”

The innocent suggestion made John smile without fail. It seems like Sarah was merely trying to find a method to get their feline friends to get along with one another. He immediately replied, “That’s a terrific idea! Your cat would adore meeting Whiskers. How about the park on Saturday?

They kept exchanging emails, making preparations for the next cat playdate. John had no idea that this seemingly strange request would result in a budding friendship with his neighbour Sarah and a great deal of happiness for both of them.