Owners of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X should be aware of this important information as the tech community excitedly awaits the release of Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 17. These two famous models will not be supported by the new update. Users are being advised by experts to think about selling or trading in their devices before to the September release of iOS 17.

There could be a big effect on these iPhones’ resale value. Right now, the price of a nearly perfect iPhone X is approximately $190 on the secondary market, the iPhone 8 is about $90, and the larger iPhone 8 Plus is about $152. It is anticipated that these values may drop by as much as fifty percent with the release of iOS 17, which is extremely concerning for those who own these devices.

When the iPhone X was released in 2017, it was a significant product for Apple as it celebrated ten years in the smartphone business. With the introduction of the innovative Facial ID, it was the first iPhone to replace Touch ID, ushering in a new era of iPhone technology. To differentiate itself from its predecessors, the phone had an edgeless display, a glass front and back, and a surgical-grade stainless steel frame.

The “super retina display,” Apple’s first OLED screen with a 5.8-inch diagonal size, was the brains behind the iPhone X. The gadget was hailed as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” and has more sophisticated features than the iPhone 8 family of the same year.

With an astounding 86.3 million units sold globally, the iPhone 8 series maintained its popularity even as the iPhone X stole the show. This puts them among the all-time best-selling smartphones. However, in February 2020, their manufacture was stopped, indicating that its lifecycle will eventually come to an end.

Owners of iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices must upgrade immediately since they will no longer receive iOS updates, which include critical security patches, according to a recent SellCell article. These devices are exposed to security threats due to this lack of support, including the possibility of malicious assaults by hackers and other bad actors.

The earliest iPhone models that can run iOS 17 are the XS, XS Max, and XR. A plethora of new features are anticipated in this upcoming version, such as improved security protocols, upgrades to Safari Private Browsing, Apple’s kid safety safeguards, and countless aesthetic and usability refinements.

The design-driven contact cards, the enhanced autocorrect function, keyboard upgrades, and the ‘StandBy’ mode—which turns the iPhone into a clock display while charging—are some of the notable highlights of iOS 17. The new system’s accessibility shortcuts for fixing incorrect word suggestions will be appreciated by users who have struggled with annoying autocorrect errors. Additionally, a new AI-powered model improves the dictation feature.

Additionally, “NameDrop,” a feature that makes exchanging contact information with others as easy as tapping devices, is added to iOS 17. Users can add a personal touch and express themselves by creating customized posters that show up on the recipient’s display during phone calls.

The IT community is excited about the impending release of iOS 17, but users of iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices have one clear message to remember: take action right away to get the best deal for your smartphone and guarantee that you will continue to receive security upgrades. Keeping up to current becomes more important than ever as Apple develops and improves its operating systems.