There once lived a man named Thomas who found himself in a somewhat peculiar situation. This small village is where the wackiest of stories often take root. Emily and Emma were identical twins that Thomas had married one of them. For their friends and family, their remarkable similarity provided constant entertainment and consternation.

Thomas was less than a year into his marriage when he found himself tensely sitting in a courtroom, getting ready to tell the judge why he wanted a divorce.

The judge asked, his stare piercing and probing, “Tell the court why you want a divorce.”

“Well, Your Honor, it’s a rather peculiar situation,” Thomas said after clearing his throat. You see, since my sister-in-law and my wife are identical twins, sometimes I would find myself inadvertently making out with her when she came over for a visit.”

Silent whispers and suppressed laughter filled the courtroom as onlookers struggled to comprehend what they were hearing. Evidently fascinated, even the judge arched an eyebrow.

The judge said, his interest peaked, “Surely there must be some difference between the two women.”

Thomas gave a strong nod. Indeed, Your Honor. I desire a divorce for exactly that reason.

Intrigued by the story that was being told, the judge leaned forward. He begged, “Please explain.”

“Well,” Thomas went on, “you see, my wife Emily has this cutie birthmark on her right cheek. I’ve always loved this little heart-shaped mark.”

Anticipating to hear more about the disparities, the judge nodded in understanding.

After pausing for a while, Thomas said, “And, Your Honor, Emma, my sister-in-law, she has a birthmark on her left cheek in the shape of a dollar sign.”

There was so much laughter in the courtroom that even the judge started laughing. A scenario that would have been tense and complicated had not been handled by Thomas in such a witty and comical manner.

A smile spread across the judge’s face as she granted the divorce, acknowledging that humor might be a helpful tool in overcoming life’s unforeseen obstacles.

It was the ridiculousness of the circumstance that made Thomas laugh as he left the courtroom. Although their marriage was brief, it had given him a memorable story to share, one that would elicit amusement in the little town where the most bizarre stories always managed to find a home for years to come.