You won’t be able to hold back the tears as you watch this touching moment between an abused child and his new best friend, a puppy, since it is so genuine and cute.
Because it can put a person’s bodily and mental health in jeopardy, bullying has emerged as a topic of societal concern in today’s culture. The predicament deteriorates to the point when all of the adults, including the teachers and parents, are required to take action.

This is what happens to the young man while he is attending school. It is a blessing for him to have a caring family who is concerned about him and hopes for the best for him.
His grandmother has decided to get him a puppy for his birthday present this year. When the young man opened the package, he was overcome with emotion and could not stop crying; this is the very definition of pure happiness.

He hurries up to his grandmother and offers her a sincere expression of gratitude. He then picked up the adorable puppy and christened him Buddy before carrying him. It makes him very pleased when he can introduce his friends to everyone else in the house.
It’s possible that to some others, this gift doesn’t seem like much, but for this young child, it’s everything he needs to help him cope with being bullied both mentally and physically. If you watch the footage, you will most certainly end up crying.