In a miraculous turn of events, a couple from Wisconsin gave birth to a set of identical twins, making this the third time that twin children were brought into the world on the very same day.

The year 2013 was the year when Carrie and Craig Kosinski were approached by a woman who asked them if they would give any thought to adopting the twins that she was carrying at the time.

She explained her situation by saying, “Unable to bestow upon the infants the lives they rightfully deserved, I am contemplating adoption as a viable solution.” She was referring to the fact that she was unable to provide the lives that the infants deserved. Carrie, in her account of the events for NBC’s “Today,” noted that despite their initial predisposition towards having biological offspring, they gladly acquiesced to the decision to adopt a child rather than have biological children of their own.
Carrie expressed her strong faith by stating, “Aligned with our conviction that this was divinely ordained, we unreservedly aligned ourselves with God’s plan, electing to prioritise adoption over our preconceived aspirations of biological parenthood.” This was a powerful demonstration of Carrie’s unwavering faith.

On February 28th, 2014, in the year 2014, the twins Adalynn and Kenna were brought into the world during an emergency caesarean procedure. This day, which coincidentally coincided with the birthday of their biological siblings JJ and CeCe, who had entered the world in the year prior, was also the date that the twins’ birthday fell on.

Almost to the day after the Kosinskis formally adopted Adalynn and Kenna, the twins’ birth mother approached them once more with the intention of adopting JJ and CeCe instead of Adalynn and Kenna. This time, the Kosinskis were asked to adopt JJ and CeCe. A positive response was received from the pair.

The Kosinskis were in for yet another shock when they learned that they were going to be parents to a set of twins in the month of September in the year 2015; they had no idea that they were going to be parents to more than one child. The subsequent events led to Carrie requiring an unexpected emergency caesarean section on February 28, 2016, a day that completely caught them off guard. Carrie’s water broke at the 19-week mark, despite the fact that the planned birth was scheduled for just over three months later. As a result, she had to spend six weeks in the hospital bedresting before undergoing the inevitable surgical intervention.

Kosinski said unequivocally that despite the peculiar coincidence that all six of his children have the same day of birth, they have retained their different individuality. This was in spite of the fact that the birth date was the only thing that united all of his children. She went on to elaborate on this by musing, “The one-of-a-kindness that radiates from the individuality of each child constitutes a source of tremendous delight. However, this variety also pulls us in six different ways, and each of these roads leads to the discovery of its own unique charm.

The Kosinski family made the decision to share their story in the hopes that others will develop a more accepting attitude towards the idea of adoption as a result of hearing it. Carrie eloquently elucidated on their viewpoint, saying, “Given our belief in divine adoption into the familial embrace of God, we have been predisposed to interpret this as a divine decree, orchestrating the integration of these children into our fold.” [T]herefore, we have been predisposed to understand this as a heavenly decree, which is orchestrating the integration of these children into our fold. A tremendous blessing has been bestowed upon our life, and we adore each of our children in an equal and unbounded measure. There is no longing within us for any other form of existence.
The story quickly gained popularity and spread across other digital channels, which prompted an outpouring of well-wishes and genuine thoughts from people all around the world. On the site that we all use, one reader wrote, “Heartfelt congratulations to your resplendent family! Your journey through life may always be paved with divine benefits. An additional observer joined in and said, “Astonishing—this incredibly moving account is a testament to the divine ordination that was bestowed upon them.” The fact that they share a birthday despite being born in different decades is a very remarkable phenomenon.

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