The musician has been dealing with significant health problems over the course of the past few years.

Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer for Black Sabbath, has had a troubled medical history over the course of the past few years. He has battled through a number of health issues. The well-known musician’s career has been on the decline ever since an accident with a quad-bike occurred in 2003. Later, in 2019, he experienced yet another life-threatening accident when he fell in his bathroom and loosened metal screws from his spine. This time, the fall put him in immediate danger of dying.
Sharon Osbourne, the musician’s wife, recently disclosed that the performer is scheduled to go through yet another operation that would most likely “determine the rest of his life,” but she did not provide any other information.

When Ozzy was a heavy drug user in the past, he needed surgery, and the surgeon ended up having to administer four times the typical amount of anaesthetic because Ozzy was so sedated throughout the procedure. The physician was reportedly taken aback and asked the musician why he wasn’t asleep at the time. “I had a method while I was doing all of this s***,” Ozzy remarked in an interview with the radio station Sirius XM, alluding to the event involving the anaesthesia. After that, the physician administered what is known as “two full syringes” to him in order to put him to sleep for the procedure that was about to take place.

Ozzy has been clean from his destructive behaviours for a number of years, but he has had occasional bouts with relapse.

He recently disclosed that he previously spent $600 at one of California’s legal weed stores to purchase cannabis for his own use. In the end, he decided not to use it, but it was a very near call.

“When I got it, I wondered, what the *** am I going to use that for? Is that correct? Since I just obtained Covid, there is no reason for me to continue smoking anyway. I’d had one of those ideas, and it was something along the lines of ‘that would be good.’ But I’ve never been much of a smoker.”

The musician stated that getting honest with himself and having his family’s unwavering support were the two factors that most contributed to his ability to abstain from using substances.

We have high hopes that Ozzy Osbourne will be able to triumph over every obstacle in his path and resume his career as a musician and performer.

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