The seventy-four-year-old Richard Gere recently became a father again. In February 2019, Richard and his 39-year-old wife Alejandra Silva welcomed a boy into the world.

Reports state that their second son was delivered in April 2020. Both Gere and Silva already have children from previous marriages, even though these babies are their first together.

This is in reference to Gere and his ex-wife Care Lowell’s 22-year-old son, Homer James Jigme, who they share custody of.

Admit it—you’re curious to see this 22-year-old’s current appearance. Thank heavens, we have the remedy, so you won’t be let down. Richard Gere cemented his position as Hollywood’s leading man with his performance in American Gigolo and his parts in iconic films like Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman.

Shortly after, Richard met actress and model Cindy Crawford, who would go on to become his first wife. The couple reportedly hit it off during a barbecue, press reports claim.

Crawford remarked, “We talked, then we went on a date, and then we went on another date.”

The pair became well-known as one of the hottest in Hollywood fast, and photographers followed them everywhere.

In addition to walking the red carpet and gracing front covers, Gere and Crawford dined at the best restaurants in New York and Los Angeles. Gere wasn’t sure if he would marry his younger partner, though.

But in December 1991, the couple decided to take a plane to Las Vegas and get married. It was by no means an extravagant wedding, as only a select few guests were invited to the chapel.

It was the nuptials of my dreams. Regarding the wedding, Crawford once remarked, “It was so last minute.”

Four years later, the couple filed for divorce. Cindy Crawford has maintained that there was too big of an age difference. Richard was 39 and she was 22 when they first met.

“I believe that when I was 22 years old, I was more inclined to say, ‘Okay, I’ll follow,’ but then you start realising that sometimes you want to lead and other times you want to walk side by side,” she said.

Four years later, the couple got a divorce. According to Cindy Crawford, who has always maintained this, the age difference was too great. When they met, Richard was 39 and she was 22.

Their lone child, Homer Gere, was born in February 2000. Throughout their relationship, Gere had been reluctant to become a father. When Carey Lowell was around, everything was different.

In actuality, it was fairly easy. I’ve never had a problem with kids in any situation. It seemed natural to care for Carey’s child from a previous marriage and have our own child at the same time. “That was entirely impromptu and appropriate,” he stated to The Guardian in 2002.

In recognition of Gere’s commitment to advancing human rights in Tibet, Homer’s parents gave him the Tibetan name Jigme when he was born in New York City.

The Pretty Woman actor described to The Guardian the following changes that becoming a father might bring about in a man:

When you balance the unimportant things in your life against the important ones, the little things just lose their impact on you. The clichés surrounding parenthood are all accurate.

Homer’s parents were well-known worldwide, thus he entered the spotlight at a young age.

When his mother and father divorced in 2003, a lot of information was released regarding the family’s privacy. There were several whispers and petty jabs regarding the divorce at various points.

The conflict between Homer’s parents about who would have custody of him thrust him back into the public eye.

According to media sources, Carey Lowell enforced the stringent regulations because she had stopped working several years prior. as they got married in 2002, Lowell claimed she should have received half of Gere’s income as she quit her job to take care of him and their son Homer.

Homer James Jigme Gere’s half-sister Hannah is the offspring of Carey Lowell, who was previously married to actor, producer, and director Thomas Gryphon Dunne. Then, Homer received his half-brother, Alejandra Silva, the wife of Richard Gere, who had given birth to a baby boy in New York City the year before.

When compared to his father, Homer is more of a recluse. For now, he lives in New York. Richard seems to have inherited the attractiveness and infectious charisma of his son.

But unlike his father, Homer would rather remain in the background. But even though Homer tried to stay out of the spotlight, he appeared in public several times as a young child with both of his parents.

For example, Homer and his father have both participated in the Giffoni Film Festival, the biggest children’s film festival in Europe, which takes place in the Italian town of Giffoni Valle Piana. There are rumours that Homer and his father are still quite close, and many people believe they look a lot alike.