It was a wintry, snowy December night. While driving home from work, Sarah, a blonde, got stuck in a snowstorm. She was having trouble seeing the road because of how much snow was falling. When her father had advised her, “If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snowplow to come by and follow it,” she snapped out of her terror.

Sarah stopped her car by the side of the road and bided her time. As expected, a snowplow passed by a short while afterwards. After Sarah began to follow it, they spent roughly forty-five minutes driving. The snowplow finally stopped on the side of the road. After getting out, the driver asked Sarah what she was doing.

Saying, “I’m lost,” Sarah said. “My father advised me to follow a snowplow if I ever got stuck in a snowstorm.”

The chauffeur grinned. He answered, “Well, you’re in luck.” “I’m almost done removing the debris from this route. I’m able to transport you to the closest town.”

With a thank you, Sarah stepped into the driver’s truck. The driver pulled up in front of a petrol station after they had been driving for roughly fifteen minutes.

“This marks our parting,” the driver stated. Best of luck.

Sarah thanked the driver once again as she climbed out of the truck. After entering the petrol station, she made a call for a tow truck to come retrieve her vehicle.

Sarah’s car was towed by the tow truck driver to a local garage, where it was fixed. Sarah expressed her gratitude to the drivers of the tow truck and the snowplow for their assistance. That day taught her an important lesson: never lose hope if you find yourself stranded in a snowstorm. Just watch for a snowplough to pass by and adhere to its path.

Sarah called her father the following day to let him know what had occurred. She followed the procedure and remained composed, something he was really proud of. She was a bright girl, he informed her, and he was happy that she had followed his advise.

Sarah felt relieved that she had also followed her father’s instructions. She came to the realization that being ready for anything was crucial, particularly when driving in inclement weather. She made a commitment to drive carefully at all times in the snow and to never be afraid to ask for assistance when she needed it.