MO., RAYMORE — Seven years after he was severely burned as an infant in Raymore, a young child begins a new chapter in his life.

Although severely burned, Deyvion Plunkett was recently adopted and is now doing well. He’s finally striking out on his own, and everything in his life seems to be circling back to him.

Deyvion showed me pictures of his friends and family in his room, all holding him or smiling at him.

“The woman you see there is my sibling.”, “This is my mother.”, Devon declared, “That’s me.”

Deyvion was a little infant when he was a tragic victim in a Raymore apartment fire in May 2013. The youngster sustained severe injuries and required intensive care at many institutions, including a special burn center. Deyvion miraculously made it, and he recovered after a fierce battle with his injuries.

In the past two years, he has visited Beth Plunkett at her home. His new mom took him in and made him feel right at home in her home.

“He was a gorgeous young baby, and I fell in love with him right away,” Beth recounted.

Deyvion gushed about how much he loved and felt wanted by the Plunketts. Beth concluded that Deyvion belonged in her household. Deyvion is the third child of a single mother who already cares for two other kids.

To which Plunkett said, “I feel like everyone thinks, ‘Oh, he’s so happy to have you and what you’re doing,’ but I’m, I’m just as equally lucky to have him.”

Adopted 2,545 days after the tragic fire, with his new family by his side, Deyvion has always felt loved and cared for.

When Deyvion was hurt during the fire, Deputy Chief Eric Smith of the South Metro Fire Department in Raymore was part of the response team on the scene, and was amazed that he managed to survive at all.

“We didn’t know why, but things seemed to fall into place for him that night,” as Smith put it.

Smith is still thinking about his tale after all this time. They visited Deyvion at his house on his adoption day, wearing tailored coats and caps created especially for him. A fire vehicle drove him and his mother to the Cass County Justice Center.

Upon his release from the courthouse, many members of his new family greeted him outside. Smith told Deyvion, “Give me five” when he came. “Please know how proud I am of you.”

Deyvion stated it cheered him up to see the dire rescue team come to his residence. He went as far as saying he was on the verge of tears because of how important they are to him and how they saved his life one day. Deyvion is not only part of Beth’s family now, but considered a family member of the South Metro Fire Department too.

“He’s one of a kind. Smith remarked, “We never knew why things happened the way they did before, but now we do.”

Deyvion wants to join the South Metro Fire Department which saved him so that he could save the lives of other people one day, just like how he was saved. God definitely has an amazing plan for him.