Grandma and Grandpa had made the decision to have a fun-filled weekend with their two active grandchildren, Jack and Lily. The grandparents lived in a sleepy rural area, so travelling to their grandchildren’s busy city was always an experience.

The grandparents were spending the night at their son’s place on this particular occasion. Grandpa was naturally inquisitive and couldn’t resist exploring his new surroundings. In the medicine cabinet, he found a tiny bottle of Cialis as he was looking around the bathroom. Grandpa’s curiosity overcame him when he learned about these medicines and their possible advantages.

Grandpa made the decision to inquire about the small blue tablets from his grandson, Ethan. Grandpa said, “Hey there, Ethan,” a playful gleam in his eye. “In the loo, I discovered something intriguing. Why are these medications prescribed? He raised the Cialis bottle.

After he paused for a second and became a little uncomfortable and ashamed, Ethan said, “Oh, Grandpa, those are Cialis pills.” For, uh, certain ‘issues’ that some grownups may have.”

Papa chuckled, saying, “Oh, I see. All well, I’ve heard they can be pretty useful. Do they function well?”

With some effort to defuse the embarrassing situation, Ethan answered, “Yes, Grandpa, they’re known to be very effective.”

Grandpa gave in to the temptation. “Well, Ethan, how about if I gave one a try? Just to observe how they operate, you know?”

Surprised, Ethan said, “Grandpa, these tablets are rather pricey. They are quite powerful and only cost $20 apiece. Do you really want to give one a try?”

Grandpa stated, “Money is not an issue,” with a resolute expression. You have my word that I will give you the money to test one.

With reluctance, Ethan gave Grandpa a Cialis tablet, and Grandpa went to bed anticipating the outcome.

Grandpa awoke the following morning feeling energised and pleased with the pill’s effects. Choosing to honour his word, he laid a clean $20 bill on Ethan’s kitchen table. He then beckoned Ethan inside.

Grandpa handed Ethan the bill and added, “This is the money for the pill.”

Ethan tallied the money and screamed, “Grandpa, this is $40, not $20!” after being little taken aback by the quantity. How come you gave me more?”

Granny retorted, smiling slyly, “Well, dear boy, that $20 more is from Grandma. “If Grandpa is going to be this daring, he better have enough endurance for the two of us,” she exclaimed.