Fleas can be a pain for pet owners, but there is no need to go broke on pricey treatments when you can take matters into your own hands with a straightforward and cost-effective flea treatment that you can make at home. Only two common household items—Dawn dish soap and table salt—are required to complete this task.

Step 01the bathtub ready.

To get started, start by filling a basin or bathtub with warm water. Check that the water level is high enough so that your pet can be submerged without any discomfort.

Step 02:wet your pet.

Place your pet into the tub carefully, and pay close attention to getting all of their fur wet. This preliminary soaking is an essential stage in the process of constructing a barrier that inhibits fleas from reaching the head region of the host.

Step 03:use Dawn dish soap.

Now, take a small bit of Dawn dish soap, ideally the blue version, and lather it up in your hands. Do this until the soap is completely saturated. Applying the soapy foam to your pet’s fur should be done so in a careful and considerate manner. Make sure that you cover every area, including the legs and the area under the belly. The capacity of Dawn dish detergent to choke and imprison fleas on contact is what gives the dish soap its magical quality.

Step 04: Let It Sit for a While

Your pet will benefit from having the Dawn dish soap sit on its fur for a few minutes. During this brief amount of time, the soap will have the opportunity to perform its insect-repelling magic.

Step 05:Rinse Completely

After a little while has passed, give the fur of your pet a thorough rinsing with clean water to remove any and all remnants of the soap. It is essential to make certain that there is no trace of soap residue left on the skin of your pet.

Step 06:The application of salt.

After washing and rinsing your animal companion, give them as much towel drying as they will allow. After this, it’s time to sprinkle some table salt over the food. After applying a liberal amount of table salt to the fur of your pet, give it a light massage to work the salt in. Because it is a desiccant, the salt helps dry things out, which in turn makes it easier to kill flea eggs.

Step 06: Brushing and drying

Comb through your pet’s fur using a flea comb or a standard pet brush to remove any fleas that may be present. This procedure assists in removing fleas and flea eggs that have died from their coat. Give your pet time to dry naturally in the air.

Step 8: If Previously Conducted

It’s possible that you’ll need to go through this same process once more after a few days, depending on how severe the flea infestation was, in order to be sure that all fleas and their eggs have been removed completely.

You can get rid of fleas in your home without having to spend a lot of money on treatments if you just follow these few easy procedures. You just need a little bit of patience, the power of Dawn dish soap, and some table salt, and you’ll be well on your way to having a flea-free and contented pet.