A funny notion occurred to John as he and Lisa, a newlywed couple, were cuddled up in bed one evening. “Honey, just curious, how many frogs did you have to kiss before you found your prince charming?” he inquired, turning to her with a teasing smile.

Lisa paused for a moment, taken aback by the sudden question. Thinking over her answer, she stared at the ceiling. Seeing that she was uneasy, John comforted her right away, saying, “I apologize if that was an odd question. I simply felt that talking about our prior experiences would be enjoyable.”

Lisa said nothing, still lost in contemplation. In an attempt to patch things up, John said, “You know, we can always trust each other with our stories.”

As Lisa didn’t say anything more, John started to worry that he had offended her. “I didn’t mean to upset you, Lisa,” he added softly. Kindly, don’t get upset.”

However, Lisa appeared to be distracted as she gazed vacantly at the ceiling. John decided to give her a hug and kiss in an attempt to cheer her up because he felt helpless.

Just as John was kissing Lisa all over the place, she snapped back to reality. Her expression became apparent as her eyes locked with John’s. Then she sighed in frustration, saying, “Oh, you’ve made me lose count now!”

John erupted in laughter at Lisa’s surprising reaction. He came to the realization that sometimes it’s better to just concentrate on their love in the here and now rather than going too far into the past. He laughed, gave her a strong hug, and remarked, “I guess that’s one secret I’ll never know.” But one thing is certain—having you as my wife makes me the luckiest guy alive.”

They both laughed, and at that instant, their intense love for one another took the place of any residual embarrassment.