On a bright day, Mark and Dave, two friends, went to the beach with the intention of having fun and possibly even hitting on some girls. A little too comfortable in his bathing suit, Mark made the bold decision to draw attention by himself. To his dismay, no one seemed to notice him as he went up and down the sandy shore.

Exasperated, Mark went back to where Dave was lying on his beach towel. After giving his sad pal a quick glance, Dave said, “Hey, you should really try wearing a speedo. It’s worthwhile to try.

Despite his skepticism, Mark was open to trying it. He changed into a bright red speedo, his new and much more revealing outfit, and headed back out onto the beach. Still, the girls weren’t giving him a second look, even in his audacious swimsuit.

Dave scratched his brain, trying to think of a way to fix it. Then a thought struck him as very odd. With a mischievous smile, he remarked, “Hey, Mark, take this potato and shove it down your speedo.”

After giving it some thought and not sure where this was leading, Mark chose to put his friend’s trust in him. He took the potato and made sure it was completely hidden by sliding it down inside his speedo. Having secured the potato firmly, he strolled back along the shore.

To Mark’s utter amazement, people appeared to be responding this time. Eyes were on him from all sides: surfers, hot girls, ugly chicks, a guy strolling his dog, and even the lifeguards. He felt overtaken by the increased focus.

Reaping the victory, Mark went back to Dave, who was beaming with joy. “Look, friend? That potato would work, I told you!”

“You were right, Dave, but you know, I’m not sure how long I can keep this up,” Mark remarked with a laugh.

Dave burst out laughing as he saw the hilarious mistake. “It was meant to be inserted in the front!”

The absurdity of the circumstance caused both buddies to burst out laughing. After Mark took out the potato, they carried on with their beach day, realizing that sometimes the most bizarre concepts may have the most unexpected consequences and create priceless memories.