A young woman gave her lover a special invitation on a significant Friday night. She invited him to join her for supper at her parents’ place, an occasion full with significance and expectation. The idea was for them to take a historic step toward making love to one another after dinner. The eager but inexperienced young man recognized the seriousness of the issue and made the decision to visit the pharmacy to buy condoms.

He arrived to the pharmacy and walked up to the desk, his heart pounding. When the pharmacist observed his anxious behavior, he grinned warmly and inquired, “Can I assist you in any way?”

The young man stammered, “Uh, yes, I need some, um, condoms,” his cheeks beginning to flush.

Recognizing the boy’s need for guidance, the pharmacist unexpectedly took on the role of mentor. He gave recommendations on various sorts and sizes of condoms while gently and thoroughly explaining everything there was to know about condoms and intercourse. The young man listened intently, appreciative of the advice being given to him.

Finally the long awaited night came and the young man walked anxiously to the girl’s parents house. His ecstatic lover, who was bursting with joy, greeted him at the door. “I’m really excited for you to meet my folks. She said, “Come on in.

Ahead of the introduction, the girl’s parents were already sat at the dining room table when the young man was brought inside. He offered to lead the grace before the dinner out of a sense of duty. He bowed his head in respect while wearing a sad face.

The young man was still deeply involved in prayer, his head steadily lowered, while the seconds passed. Ten minutes passed after the first one and he still made no move to end his prayer. There was still no sign of the young man after twenty minutes had passed.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the girlfriend finally leaned in and teased, “I had no idea you were this devoutly religious.”

The young man said, “I had no idea your father was a pharmacist,” with a soft turn of his head.

In this amusing story, the young man’s sincere attempt to uphold a respectful demeanor ran with an unanticipated turn. He was giving the girl’s father his undivided attention when he realized that the man was the same pharmacist who had before given advice on condoms, which led to a humorous epiphany for both the characters and the viewers.