An ordinary macho man and a gorgeous woman made the decision to get married in a tiny town. There was much love and joy at their lavish wedding. But after the wedding, when they began their married life, the man established some peculiar restrictions for their home. With a harsh expression on his face, he told his new wife, “Listen, I’ll be home whenever I want, if I want, and at whatever time I choose.

“I don’t anticipate you making a big deal out of it. And unless I specifically say otherwise, I expect a nice dinner to be served. I don’t want you to berate me for going hunting, fishing, drinking, and playing cards with my mates whenever I please. I follow the guidelines listed here.”

“Do you have any feedback?” He said, “No, those rules are perfectly fine with me,” and his new wife, a wise woman, thought for a while. “However, whether or not you are present, there will be making love here at seven every night. “

Her surprising reaction caused the macho man to blink, seeming a little surprised. He pondered for a second before grinning. He laughed and said, “Well, I guess I can live with that rule.” So, each respecting the other’s needs and boundaries, the pair achieved balance in their marriage in their own special way.

They eventually learned that, despite the most bizarre rule systems, love and understanding could coexist.