A young man once happened to meet a beautiful young woman by chance in a busy city. There was no denying their chemistry, and after some endearing talk, they came to an unusual agreement: he agreed to spend the night with her in exchange for $500. Although there were questions about the deal, it was ultimately signed.

The young man realized that he didn’t have any money to fulfill his obligation after their intense night together. He assured the woman that his secretary would draft a check and mail it to her. To maintain concealment, he planned to mark the payment as “RENT FOR APARTMENT.”

He was forced to give everything a second thought as he walked to his workplace. He questioned whether the expensive fee had really been paid for the night. After giving it some thought, he chose to send a $250 check instead, along with a thoughtful message.

The note’s salutation was “Dear Madam,” and it was followed by a $250 check for the rent of your flat. I’m sorry to have to let you know that I can’t send the entire amount we agreed upon. I thought the apartment was the perfect size to make me feel comfortable and at home when I first rented it, that it had never been occupied, and that there was enough of heat.

The remainder of the young man’s note detailed his dissatisfaction. But last night, he said, “I found that the flat had been occupied, that there was no heat, and, quite simply, that it was far too huge for my comfort.

After receiving the note and the smaller check, the lady immediately began to write a reply.

First and foremost, I must express my perplexity at your idea such a lovely apartment would remain vacant for an extended period of time, she continued as she addressed him as “Dear Sir.”

She continued, speaking to his worries. If you know how to turn it on, there is a heating system in place, as for the heat. And the flat has standard specifications in terms of space. Please don’t hold the landlady responsible for your lack of furnishings if you feel it is too spacious. I’m afraid you will have to take responsibility for them.

The two kept up their amusing and humorous writing, which showed a common sense of humor and an understanding of the particular circumstances that had brought them together.