Once upon a time, a man who was in a somewhat unusual situation resided in a little town. He had received a $5,000 fortune all of a sudden, and his romantic life was stirred by this sudden wealth.

He was in a relationship with three ladies, each of whom had a different affectionate expression. By giving each of them a portion of the money, he made the decision to gauge the depth of their love and the likelihood of their futures being compatible.

With her $1,000 share, the first woman treated herself to a stunning makeover. She spent money on beauty treatments, fashionable clothing, and fine accessories because she wanted to look her very best for the man she loved. She informed him with a sincere smile, “I spent the money so I could look pretty for you because I love you so much.”

With her $1,000 in hand, the second woman took a different route. He now has a new set of golf clubs, a CD player, a television, and a stereo thanks to her shopping extravaganza. She presented the presents to him with a twinkle in her eye and added, “I bought these things for you with the money because I love you so much.”

The third woman viewed the $1,000 as a chance for her and her future union. She meticulously put the entire sum in the stock market, using well-informed moves that ultimately saw her investment grow by two times. She gave the man his $1,000 back with a sense of duty and a glimmer of hope, adding, “I am investing the rest of the money for our future because I love you so much.”

The man suddenly had to make a significant choice. He thought about the decisions the three women had made, each of whom had demonstrated her love in a special way. He nevertheless made a decision that felt appropriate to him since, as a mere mortal, he was occasionally led by the most basic instincts.

In the end, he made the choice to wed the lady with the most cleavage. He believed that physical attractiveness was more alluring than financial forethought or thoughtful gifts. It seems that love had its own enigmatic methods of directing his heart, even if it took him in an unexpected direction.