Have you ever thought about using salt in your bathroom as a potent cleaner? It may do wonders for keeping your toilet and other bathroom fixtures fresh and clean in addition to being used for seasoning food. Here are several incredible uses for salt in bathroom cleaning that your plumber might not have mentioned to you:

Overnight Odor Fix:

Try this easy technique to get rid of offensive odors from your toilet bowl. Before going to night, fill a tumbler with coarse salt and pour it into the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit all night. Any unpleasant odors will be efficiently absorbed and neutralized by the salt. When you flush the toilet the following morning with a kettle of boiling water, the smell will be completely gone.

Drain Unclogging:

Coarse salt can also be a great help in drain unclogging. Pour a big amount of coarse salt down the drain in a manner similar to how you may salt your food. Cover the entire bottom of the toilet bowl with salt if you have a clogged drain. Pour hot water down the drain or flush the toilet after letting it sit for the night. You’ll need a full bucket of hot water for the toilet, so take care to prevent burns. This approach might make it easier to remove the obstructions.

Stain Removal:

Getting rid of stubborn yellow stains from bathtubs, toilet basins, or bathroom corners can be difficult. Make a paste out of water, one teaspoon of baking soda, and half a cup of salt instead of using harsh chemical cleaners. Overnight, leave this paste on the stained areas. Scrub the treated areas gently and completely rinse them in the morning. The outcome will surprise you.


Salt comes to the rescue once more as a natural solution to polish and whiten ceramics in your bathroom. Salt the toilet bowl with either coarse or fine salt. To remove the filth, scrape with a brush or a special toilet brush. Not only will this disinfect, but it will also make your toilet look immaculately white

The Japanese have long used this low-cost, environmentally friendly technique for efficient toilet cleaning. It’s a great substitute for chemical cleaners and keeps your bathroom clean and fresh while being gentle on the environment and your pocketbook. So the next time you grab for the salt shaker in the kitchen, think about using it as a useful cleaning tool in the bathroom.