While there may be differences of opinion on the subject, I truly feel that it is past time for us to accept the existence of emotions in all living things. The days when humans simply referred to the beings who share our planet with as mere “beasts” are long gone, notwithstanding some claims that some animals express emotions more overtly than others.

All species of animals have the ability to experience love, sadness, and joy. There are occasionally pictures or videos taken that really show the complexity of their emotional lives. One such touching story was shown on PBS in 2000 and quickly went viral throughout the world.

Two former circus elephants named Shirley and Jenny are the main characters of this amazing tale. They were brutally separated for an incredible 22 years. You won’t want to miss the touching reunion that was caught on camera.

The touching meeting happened at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. The sheer amount of love and affection shown in this video is simply astounding, even though it is well known that elephants have amazing memories.

The caregivers and observers find it difficult to believe their eyes when Shirley and Jenny meet face to face. It seems as though the friendship these two gentle giants once had as circus performers is being rekindled.

Within the walls of the sanctuary’s gates, Shirley and Jenny bridge a gap of more than twenty years in a split second. It’s evidence of the enduring value of relationships and the palpable intensity of feelings that elephants, as well as many other creatures, experience.

All living things should be able to live happily in the world, and it is our moral duty to look out for their welfare. If you feel the same way, please share this uplifting tale. Let’s continue to educate people about the emotional needs of animals and the value of treating them with kindness and respect.