When Jane first encountered Tarzan in the jungle, she was immediately attracted to him, and as she was asking him questions about his life, she asked him whether he had ever had s*x. Tarzan told her that he did not remember ever having s*x. His response was, “Tarzan does not know s*x.” Jane gave him an explanation of what it was.
“Ohhh…,” Tarzan exclaimed.The knot hole in the tree trunk was used by Tarzan.In shock, Jane screamed at Tarzan, “Tarzan, you are doing it completely wrong, but I will show you how to do it correctly.” She stripped down to her pants and then laid down on the grass. When I asked her where I should put it, she pointed to her privates and said, “Here.”

“Tarzan took off his loincloth, revealing to Jane his large manhood, and then stepped closer to her before kicking her in the crotch. The anguish that Jane was in caused her to roll about for what seemed like an age. After some time, she was able to draw breath again, at which point she yelled, “What was the point of that?!” The response from Tarzan was, “Check for squirrel.”