A cell phone on a nearby bench started ringing as a group of men were getting ready in the locker room of an affluent golf club after a game of golf. Instantly, one of the men, intrigued, picked up the phone, placed it on speaker, and started talking. The other men in the locker area stopped what they were doing to listen in on this unexpected discussion.

MAN: * “Hello.”

SHE: “Hi, it’s me, honey.” What club are you at?”

GUY: “Yes.”

WOMAN: “I discovered this stunning leather coat at the mall right now. All it is is $1,000. Should I purchase it?”

MAN: “Okay, go ahead if you really enjoy it.”

The men in the changing area glanced at each other, perplexed by the strange circumstances.

WOMAN: “I got to see the new 2016 models at the Mercedes showroom as well. I absolutely loved the one I saw.”

“How much?” asked the man.

GIRL: “$65,000.”

MAN: “All right, but I want it with every option for that price.”

WOMAN: “Amazing! Alright, one more thing. Our desired home from the previous year is back on the market. Their request is for $950,000.

MAN: “All right, then make them an offer, but just make it for $900,000.”

A WOMAN: “Now. Let’s talk afterwards! I adore you.

MAN: “Goodbye, I also love you.”

The other men in the locker area were left staring at the man who had been talking on the phone in shock when he eventually hung up. There was silence for a time, and then the man smiled mischievously.

“Anyone know who owns this phone?” said the man.

The men were thrilled by the unexpected entertainment and the room burst into laughter as the mystery surrounding the surprise phone call remained unanswered.