After conducting a comprehensive survey of heaven, St. Peter discovered an unexpected inconsistency. There appeared to be a missing person, and he was unable to ignore it. He made the decision to look into this celestial mystery and discover its truth.

Following a celestial investigation, St. Peter discovered that Robert, an engineer, had somehow ended up in hell rather than heaven. This was obviously a clerical error, and St. Peter was keen to get it fixed as soon as possible.

He took out his angelic phone and called the Devil. The Prince of Darkness himself replied, his cunning smile audible over the phone.

Saint Peter: “Devil, hello. Here we have a small situation. Robert the engineer, one of our residents, appears to have been accidentally transferred to your domain. I respectfully ask that you return him to us right away.”

The Devil: giggling “You mean Bob, I see. Pete, allow me to share with you something. Down here, Bob has been a real asset. He has done marvels since being here. The plumbing was fixed, the air conditioning was fixed, and all in all, hell was made into a paradise. The best thing, though? And all at a fraction of the price! Bob even used thermodynamics to figure out how to power everything. We have a wonderful life because of him. I regret to inform you that I will not be sending him back up.”

The Devil answered in a way that surprised St. Peter. This was definitely an uncommon situation. It was astounding to him that an engineer could have turned hell into a cozy refuge.

St Peter: “Well, this is quite erratic, Devil. I have no other choice but to follow you. It will be necessary for me to file a lawsuit to get Robert back.”

The Devil grinned demonically in response, never one to pass up a chance to sneer.

Devil: “You say Sue? Pete, good luck with that. But allow me to raise a small conundrum for you: “Where do you think you might find a lawyer up here in heaven?”

The Devil ended the call with that biting remark, leaving St. Peter to wonder about the intricacies of heavenly bureaucracy and the unexpected benefits of having an engineer in hell.