A couple in their middle years had at last embraced modernity by learning how to text each other on their cell phones. For them, it was a huge accomplishment, and they were happy about the added ease.

One day, while out of the home enjoying coffee with a friend, the wife—a romantic at heart—decided to give texting a try. She felt that sending her husband a sincere message would be a kind gesture. With that, she began to tap on her phone and sent:

Forward me your dreams if you’re asleep.
Please email me your smile if you are laughing.
Give me a nibble if you’re eating.
Pour me a drink, if you’re with me.
Send me your tears if you’re crying.
I cherish you.

She anticipated a similarly passionate and passionate reply from her spouse, so she awaited it with great anticipation.

Her spouse, a more straightforward man, was going about his day when his phone rang and there was a new message. After reading his wife’s SMS and arching an eyebrow, he chose to respond in his typical direct way:

Well, I’m on the loo. Do let me know.

When she heard his statement, the wife almost choked on her coffee. Curious about her response, her companion inquired as to what had transpired. As she read the message to her friend, she couldn’t help but giggle. When they realised that some things remained the same despite the advancements in technology, they both started laughing uncontrollably.

After a moment of self-control, the wife texted back, grinning and writing, “Flush when done, dear.” Their funny conversation brightened their day by serving as a reminder that despite their acceptance of modern technology, their special brand of humour and affection for one another never altered.