Dogs can sometimes have astonishing instincts humans don’t. They can detect hidden things that humans are unaware of, which is why our four legged friends are used to help us in many tasks worldwide. Their special skills can also save lives which is why they are man’s best friend.

For instance, a husky named Hel miraculously detected and saved a newborn baby who was abandoned in a park in the UK.


It was as if the poor baby boy had a guardian angel. The good boy’s owner, Terry Walsh, was walking Hel when the dog walked towards a pile of blankets hidden underneath the park’s bushes.

That was when Terry suddenly heard crying from the baby. Terry felt that it was the husky’s prodding body heat which woke the baby up.

Terry immediately called an ambulance where nurses there report that the baby is in good health. The nurses named the baby George after St. George’s day.

Local Police announced that the baby was most like a few hours old at most when he was discovered.

Baby Boy Saved by Husky

“I thank God that the baby was saved, he would not have lasted long.” Walsh told local news outlet Birmingham Live. “God sent Hel to save this baby boy.”

Birmingham Police is currently looking for George’s mother and have released several photos of the baby so that the public could help them with any information on the baby’s family.

They have also released surveillance camera footage of a woman seen near the scene in the hopes that someone could identify her.

Inspector Neil Hunt tried to assure the missing mother that she would not be in trouble, but instead offered compassion: “George’s mother is my main concern at the moment and we want to make sure she is okay. I don’t know what happened when she gave birth to George but as a parent, I understand how frightening becoming a parent can be. We are ready to offer her the support she needs.”

Baby Boy Saved by Husky
Baby Boy Saved by Husky

Terry was just thankful that it was his dog that found the baby, and not a larger dog like a Pitbull or a Rottweiler, which would have ripped the blankets apart and treated the baby like a toy. He also thanked God that the baby was not found by foxes or rats yet, which are known to roam the parks in the UK.