Mrs. Cohn was going to see her doctor about a problem that had been giving her a lot of discomfort for quite some time, and she was determined to discuss it with him. The physician came in, greeted her, and then asked her about the problem she was having while she was sitting in the examination room.

Mrs. Cohn’s response, which was delivered with just a trace of shame in her tone, was as follows: “Doctor, I’ve been suffering from a discharge.”

The doctor, who was known for his attention to detail and professionalism, gave a knowing nod and then said to the patient, “Alright, Mrs. Cohn, please get undressed and lie down on the examining table.”

Mrs. Cohn did not show any reluctance when it came to following the doctor’s recommendations. She did her best to keep a level head in spite of the discomfort she was experiencing and laid down on the table. The physician, who was experienced in dealing with situations like these, put on a pair of latex gloves and was ready to examine the patient.

As the doctor continued with the examination, he carried out each of the essential procedures in a meticulous and methodical manner. After a few minutes had passed, he paused for a moment and asked, “How does that feel, Mrs. Cohn?”

As she said, “Wonderful, Doctor, but you see, the discharge is from my ear!” Mrs. Cohn wore a happy smile on her face as she said this.

At that precise time, both the physician and the patient found themselves in an unanticipatedly comical circumstance. They had a good chuckle at the comical mix-up, and the doctor assuaged Mrs. Cohn’s concerns by assuring her that they will solve her ear-related issue as soon as possible.

It served as a timely reminder that even in the midst of awkwardness and sensitivity, a well-timed joke can completely change the tone of the situation and make us laugh out loud. Mrs. Cohn left the doctor’s office not only with her medical problem remedied, but also with a humorous narrative to tell her friends and family about what happened during her visit.