Reentering the dating scene after decades of marriage may be entertaining and intimidating at the same time. This is the moment to be open-minded and ready to accept the unexpected. You will laugh out loud as you read this story about a 70-year-old widow who chose to pursue an unusual path to finding love once more.

This lively widow thought it was time to get married again, even though she was getting older, which is how our story started. She ran the following ad in the neighborhood newspaper:

“Wanting husband! Must be in my age range, must not run around on me, must not hit me, and must still be a nice bed partner. We ask that all applicants apply in person.

She was waiting in suspense, but the next day her doorbell was rang by an unexpected guest. She was shocked to see a gray-haired man sitting in a wheelchair when she answered the door. The fact that he was without arms or legs made him much more amazing.

She responded honestly at first: “You’re not really expecting me to think about you, are you? Take a look at you—you’re without legs.”

Undaunted, the elderly man grinned broadly and said, “Therefore, I cannot run around on you!”

The widow continued, nevertheless, saying, “You don’t have any arms either!”

“Therefore, I can never beat you!” the elderly man smiled again.

With a hint of curiosity, the widow lifted an eyebrow and said, “Are you still good in bed?”

The elderly man leaned back, grinned broadly, and delivered the ideal one-liner: “I rang the doorbell, didn’t I?” without skipping a beat.

This amusing story serves as a reminder that love has no bounds and that joy and laughter can occasionally arise from the most unlikely of relationships. Take this story as a gentle reminder to enjoy life’s unexpected turns and to never undervalue the role humor plays in bringing happiness and love into one’s life, regardless of age. Make a friend’s day by sharing a good chuckle with them today!