A woman who had suffered from an extended sickness came to find herself in the realm just outside of heaven, standing in front of the gates of pearl. She was able to get a glimpse inside, where she saw an abundance of pure love and contentment. There were people she knew from her life on earth there, giggling and having a good time in their newfound paradise. After a few moments, Saint Peter, the guardian of the heavenly gates, approached Mary.

She looked around with wide-eyed astonishment and questioned, “Is this heaven?” “How do I get in here?”

Saint Peter gave her a warm grin and a polite response, saying, “Yes, my dear, this is heaven.” Simply correctly spelling one word is all that is required to be eligible for entry.

She was so excited to join this heavenly domain that she exclaimed, “What word? Kindly enlighten me.”

St. Peter greeted the crowd with a grin and a challenge: “Spell LOVE, and you will be allowed in.”

She was relieved by the fact that the work was straightforward, and she spelled the word “LOVE” without any difficulty. St. Peter gave her a sign of approval and opened the gates of heaven for her to enter. Heaven’s peace and splendor met her as soon as she crossed its threshold, and she immediately felt as though she had arrived.

After some time had passed, the woman eventually discovered consolation and happiness in her heavenly existence. She basked in the glow of love and peace that around her, but deep within her heart, she grieved for the one person she had left behind on Earth—her beloved husband. Although she was surrounded by love and serenity, she wanted for him.

She went up to Saint Peter with a sincere petition in her heart. “Is there a way that I can be of service, perhaps helping you and others greet newcomers to heaven and usher them through these pearly gates?” “Is there a way that I can be of service?”

She joined the ranks of those who welcomed souls into the celestial realm after St. Peter gave his assent to her request.

One day, much to her total surprise, her adoring spouse was there waiting for her in front of the gates.

“Darling!” she exclaimed with ecstatic contentment in her heart. “I was beginning to lose hope that you’d ever make it. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you. Please enlighten me: in all this time, what have you been doing? After I departed, did you find it difficult to live your life?

Her husband flashed a friendly smile, and you could see the affection in his eyes. “It’s wonderful to see you as well, my darling. After you died away, life continued on with its own agenda for me, despite the fact that I grievously missed you. During the latter days of your life, I found solace and friendship in the presence of a compassionate nurse who attended to your needs. We tied the knot a few short months after your demise, and shortly thereafter, an unbelievable thing took place: I won the jackpot. We were able to purchase a lovely mansion, as well as a new vehicle, and I was also able to resign from my previous work. We had a wonderful life together, traveling all over the world and enjoying ourselves. A peculiar turn of events occurred during my time spent on vacation in the Greek islands, and it was then that I found myself in this location. My ski came off while I was waterskiing and hit me in the head, which is how I ended up here with you. It broke my heart to leave her and the Earth behind, but the fact that I get to see you again makes everything worth it. This location is just stunning. Is this the heavenly realm?”

His wife gave him a grin that was both warm and empathetic as she looked at him. “Wow, can you even fathom that? I had hoped that you had missed talking to me as much as I had missed talking to you, but it seems that life has its own way of going forward.

He showed his assent by nodding his head. “In all actuality, life does move on. So, what are your thoughts on heaven? I never in a million years expected to be here. Is it simple to get into the building?”

She responded with, “Oh, yes, my love,” while maintaining a devilish glitter in her eye. In all honesty, it’s not hard at all. It only requires you to correctly spell one word.

His eyes lit up with eagerness to learn more. “What exactly is that word?”

She announced it with a teasing grin and the word “Czechoslovakia.”