Even though it has been several years since the terrible events of September 11, a day that will forever be inscribed in the collective memory of the United States, the scars remain as fresh as if they had occurred only yesterday.

For those who were there on 9/11, the date carries with it a tremendous feeling of melancholy and loss. It was a day when the skies grew dark, and the world watched in disbelief as the twin buildings toppled, claiming the lives of over 3,000 innocent souls in the process. But despite the smoke and the ruins, it also brought to light the everlasting patriotism and the resiliency of the American people.

On that tragic day, America stood united against those who had planned and carried out this despicable atrocity. The lives that were lost were grieved by people all over the world, and messages of condolence came in from every region on the planet. It was a period when humanity rose beyond borders and differences, and countries all across the world shed tears along with the United States.

In the middle of those difficult times, the legendary American brand Budweiser aired a commercial that struck a chord deep within the hearts of a great number of people. It was a commercial that was so touching that it caused even the most hardened of hearts to well up with tears.

In the commercial, Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdales, which are regal horses known for their strength and grace, made an appearance. In the advertisement, these horses could be seen traveling around the streets of New York City. They made their way past the famed Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge before arriving at a park where they could take in views of the city skyline.

However, the most memorable part of the advertisement for viewers was the exciting conclusion of the spot. The Clydesdales arrived to the very location where the Twin Towers had been located in the past. They came to a halt there, and in a moment that was both serious and profound, they lowered their heads as if to pay homage.

The message that was sent out by this persuasive advertising was absolutely clear: “never forget, and never allow such a tragedy to occur again.”

This stunning commercial was not broadcast again until the 10th anniversary of the events on September 11, 2001. “We feel that our 9/11 Clydesdales tribute ad is very special,” observed Paul Chibe, the Vice President of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Budweiser. Chibe works for Anheuser-Busch, which is also the owner of the Budweiser brand. “We were proud to re-air the spot on Sunday, the 10th anniversary, as a way to help raise awareness of the fundraising campaign for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Our goal was to help raise funds and awareness for the museum.” The advertisement was modified somewhat to reflect the passage of time and to emphasize the most important argument, which was that we should never forget those who were killed and affected by 9/11.

Even now, many years later, this heartfelt advertisement serves as a poignant reminder of the resiliency, solidarity, and unyielding spirit that grew from the ashes of that horrible day. It is a monument to the everlasting memory of September 11th, as well as the everlasting strength of a nation.