In an incredible tale that defies all predictions and chances, a young girl born in a prison has accomplished the amazing achievement of being accepted into Harvard University.

Let me introduce you to Sky Castner, an 18-year-old on a remarkable journey. Her life started in the Galveston County Jail, an environment that would have been detrimental to many others. However, Sky’s tale is one of tenacity, resolve, and unflinching ambition.

Sky’s mother, who was imprisoned when she was born, had little influence over her life from the time her father took over as her only provider. Even though Sky had moved about a lot when she was younger, her one constant ambition in life had been to get into Harvard—a dream she’d had since she was born in that prison eighteen years ago. Her aspirations were further enhanced when she placed third in her class at Conroe High School—an incredible accomplishment that allowed her to go to the most esteemed legal program on the planet.

Sky made a strong statement at the beginning of her Harvard admission letter: “I was born in prison.”

According to sources from The Houston Chronicle, Sky showed remarkable scholastic ability even as a young girl and was an enthusiastic and voracious reader from her elementary school days. The educators at Reaves Elementary felt that Sky would gain a lot from more mentoring because they saw her enormous potential.

Mona Hamby became Sky’s mentor and supporter through CISD’s Project Mentor program. When describing her initial thoughts on Sky, Mona recalled, “I was given a report about her. She loved to read, enjoyed Dairy Queen tacos, and considered Rosa Parks to be her hero. This sounds like a smart little child, in my opinion. That paper is still with me today.”

Mona and Sky had a special kinship because they didn’t know anything about each other’s mothers. Beyond monthly lunches, Mona was determined to make a significant difference in Sky’s life. She offered advice on selecting glasses, getting her first haircut at a salon, and learning the pleasures of free time.

Sky said, “It was a very different environment than I grew up in, and that’s not a bad thing,” as she thanked Mona for her advice. Just as everything I experienced before meeting Mona was extremely significant, so was everything she taught me.”

Sky was even more motivated to enroll at Harvard after she and Mona and her husband paid a visit to the campus in 2022. Professor James Wallace of Boston University gave her advise on how to write her application.

Sky remarked, “He made it easier for me to tell my story.”

Sky’s trip is a true inspiration and a symbol of the human spirit’s tenacity. She has achieved great things because to her unshakable resolve and the guidance and encouragement she received from mentors and educators. Her experience serves as a reminder that everything is possible with enough determination and direction, regardless of one’s natal circumstances. Kudos to Sky for realizing her aspirations and beating the odds. Please tell others about this encouraging story so they too can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.