The three men were really excited about their upcoming job interviews. They were prepared for the interview despite having heard stories about how challenging the interviewer might be. Their goal was to get the job.

The first candidate to enter the interviewer’s office had an outstanding response when he was questioned. He provided an exemplary response to each inquiry while conveying an air of self-assurance. It was obvious that the interviewer was impressed. The interviewer asked a weird question at the end of the session, which was something along the lines of “By the way, do you notice anything strange about me?”

The first man to answer did so without any hesitance, declaring, “Yeah, you don’t have any EARS, man!”

The demeanor of the interviewer became irritable. He retorted with a curt apology, “I’m sorry, but I’m very sensitive about my ears.” I’m afraid that you are not the right fit for this particular position. Leave my office like you’re the plague!

Following in his predecessor’s footsteps, the second gentleman turned up an equally impressive performance as the first. He was even successful in negotiating a pay that was $20,000 more than what was originally posted for the position. On the other hand, when he was asked the same peculiar question again by the interviewer, he couldn’t help but laugh and point out, “Yeah, you don’t have any EARS, man!”

The host’s face became flushed with annoyance during the interview. He answered, “I’m very sensitive about my ears,” in response to the question. “There are better candidates for this position than you. Leave my workplace immediately!

It was now the time of the third guy to enter the room. However, the first and second guys, who had been shown the door in an unceremonious manner, cautioned him, saying, “Hey, regardless of how well you’re doing and regardless of how comfortable you feel, don’t say ANYTHING about his ears. He will eject you from the premises!”

The third person, having carefully considered their recommendations, proceeded to enter the interviewer’s office. Additionally, he delivered an outstanding performance, responding to queries with self-assurance and wit. The interview was going incredibly well without a hitch. The last question that the interviewer posed was his trademark inquiry, which was, “By the way, do you notice anything strange about me?”

The third gentleman leaned forward and slightly squinted his eyes before responding in a cool and collected manner, “Yeah, you wear contact lenses, don’t you?”

The interviewer was shocked by the response. He exclaimed, “Wow!” in a tone that conveyed his real amazement. “That is a REALLY astute observation on your part! “How were you able to tell?”

The third person responded with a sneaky grin and the words, “Well… You have no business trying to look normal in glasses!