Jennie Wilklow and her husband were excited about becoming parents, living in the sleepy village of Highland, New York. They were counting down the days until their newborn girl, Anna, arrived, and their enthusiasm was evident. The hope of a healthy kid was entwined with their hopes of a future full of love, laughter, and limitless possibilities.

During Jennie’s pregnancy, everything seemed to be going according to plan. Pregnant women were reassured by routine ultrasounds and medical visits that their unborn child was growing and developing inside the womb’s protective cocoon. They had no idea that life would take an unforeseen turn that would put their love and resiliency to the ultimate test.


Their lives took a drastic turn the day Anna was born. At 34 weeks, Jennie had a C-section in anticipation of her gorgeous baby daughter. The first words from the medical professionals comfortingly described Anna as gorgeous. When Jennie heard her daughter cry out, her heart filled with relief. However, her sense of security was dashed when her husband entered the room and his troubled demeanor and quiet spoke volumes.

Jennie was desperate and searching for solutions. The constant remark from her husband, “It’s terrible,” confused her. That’s when she found out the startling truth: Anna had been diagnosed with harlequin ichthyosis, a severe and uncommon skin ailment. She developed deep, excruciating fractures between the hardened diamond-like slabs of skin caused by this ailment.


Anna’s skin changed quickly after birth, splitting and hardening over her small frame. Despite the physicians’ doubts about her chances of survival, this newborn baby’s fortitude and resiliency exceeded their expectations. Feeling too much, Jennie could only call her daughter “beautiful in the purest form.”

It was a dreadful diagnosis. There was no treatment for harlequin ichthyosis; the only thing one could do was follow a strict skincare regimen that included multiple hours of daily bathing and moisturizing. With unshakable dedication, Jennie embarked on this demanding program out of her unwavering love for Anna.


Jennie struggled every day with the heartbreak of not being able to dress her kid in the clothing she had imagined. But despite all of the challenges, she managed to transform suffering into purpose. In an effort to bring attention to this uncommon illness, Jennie started posting about Anna’s experience on her Instagram account, @harlequindiva. Readers were able to learn about the realities of raising a child with harlequin ichthyosis through her articles.

With her unwavering energy, Anna won the hearts of everyone who followed her on her trip. Every accomplishment became an international celebration, and Jennie’s daily caring for her was a labor of love.

“I understand now that I was gifted with Anna because of the immense love I carried in my heart for her,” Jennie admitted. They set out on a mission to redefine true beauty for the global community together.


Anna’s journey served as a monument to her parents’ unwavering love and commitment, especially her mother. It was a moving reminder of the deep, unconditional love that characterizes the parenting experience. It was a love that triumphed over obstacles, disregarded norms, and grew more resilient in the face of difficulty.

Every parent’s heart was filled with courage, tenacity, and unflinching love as the globe came together to honor Anna’s incredible journey. Anna served as a brilliant illustration of beauty in its most basic form and a poignant reminder that each child’s uniqueness—rather than perfection—is what defines true beauty.

Let Anna’s incredible journey serve as a source of inspiration and love for you and your loved ones, demonstrating the transformative power of a mother’s love and serving as a constant reminder that each and every kid is unique and wonderful.