Secrets and extramarital affairs were meticulously concealed under the facade of an ideal life in the affluent world of a wealthy guy. He had been involved in a passionate affair with an alluring Italian woman for years. Though they were both aware of how flimsy their relationship was, their stolen times were full with strong feelings.

During the covert meetings that had become routine for them, she disclosed a secret one fateful night that would alter their lives forever. She said, her voice shaking with nervousness, that she was pregnant in low tones. The rich man was at a loss for what to do in order to save his marriage and reputation.

He put out a plan, trying to diffuse the matter diplomatically. He made her a sizable financial offer, but only if she would travel to Italy to give birth. If she consented, he would pay child support until the child became eighteen. She grudgingly agreed to the bargain, her heart heaving with conflicting feelings.

But this arrangement had a strange twist to it. He told her to send him a postcard with the word “Spaghetti” on the back as soon as the baby was delivered, just to be sure everything was kept as private as possible. This would be his cue to start setting aside the required funds for the child’s future.

The affair was kept a closely-guarded secret for months. Then, one day, around nine months after their previous meeting, the affluent man went back to his devoted but gullible wife. She handed out a peculiar postcard and smiled quizzically at him. “Honey,” she stated, “you received a very strange postcard today.”

His pulse thumping with nervousness, he accepted the postcard from her. He turned it over and read the word “Spaghetti” written on the back with shaky palms. He became confused when attempting to interpret this mysterious message.

His wife was observing him closely while he read, and then he realized something, and his face became pale, and he passed out on the floor. There were the words “Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti” on the front of the postcard. One without meatballs and two with them.” It was a message that rendered him dumbfounded.

He realized then that the very woman he had attempted to trick had outwitted him. The funniest and most unexpected way had been revealed to be his secret. Lying on the ground, he was struck by the Italian woman’s ingenuity in using his own plan against him with a poetic justice, forcing him to face the consequences of his deeds.